Virus Removal

Virus elimination and prevention

Has your computer got flu? We can heal your PC by removing all viruses quickly and effectively. We will also provide advice on keeping your computer safe from future infection.

What's a virus?
A virus is a malicious piece of software that installs itself on a computer, either by user error or a software security hole.

Do I have a virus?
99% of viruses we encounter are commonly referred to as fake antivirus. This is software that pretends to be antivirus software and claims your computer is infected with 100s of viruses. The endgame for these viruses is to gain access to your bank and credit card details by trying to trick you into purchasing the fake software.

If you have purchased this type of software, you should get in touch with your bank and cancel your card immediately.

Once you have called the bank and made them aware, please then call us for a fast removal. The virus may also have appeared to delete data from your computer. In most cases it is merely hidden and can be recovered.
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Virus Removal

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