PC Upgrades

Improve the life of computers with RAM, CPU, graphics card and hard drive upgrades

Thinking of buying a new PC to replace your current slow, ageing machine? Well, before you do, consider upgrades to your current model. Depending on what you use it for, your PC can be given a new lease of life from one , or all, of the following possible upgrades.

What can be upgraded?

Memory/RAM - This is the single best upgrade you can give to an ageing system that seems as though it's at the end of its life. It can dramatically speed up the system and enable memory-hungry applications to complete tasks quicker.

DDR1/DDR2/DDR3 memory upgrades are all possible.

Graphics cards - For graphically intense applications, such as games, which regularly push the boundaries of graphics capabilities, often it's as simple as replacing the graphics card in your system to get games running properly and at decent resolutions and detail levels.

Hard drives - When it comes to a lack of storage space for your ever-growing collection of photos, music and videos, it's the hard drives that either need replacing or expanding. Most systems have room for further hard drives to be added, so often expanding storage space is simply a case of adding extra drives. If, however, a drive does need to be replaced, we can do this and migrate data - the only difference you notice is an increase in space.

Processor/CPU - If you're running on a single-core CPU and you have an ever-growing need for multitasking, your system could get a decent boost by upgrading to a dual, quad or even hex-core CPU.

We can take care of all the upgrades you require and are always available on the phone, should you wish to get advice before making any decisions.
Aaron Taylor - 07545 996410
Email - aaron@pt-c.co.uk
PC Upgrades

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