Screen & Printer Profiling

Colour calibration - matching on-screen to the printed page, with screen & printer profiling

Do you need the colours on your screen to match your printer? Personal Touch Computers offers a complete colour calibration service to match your screen, printer and paper choices

What is profiling?
Profiling is the art of getting your monitor and printer colours to match.

Do I need a profile?
Have you ever spent a large amount of time in photo editing software, managing brightness, contrast and colour levels, only to see something completely different at print stage? Would you rather that printed images retained all of the subtle colour changes that you see in your image when viewing on screen? Do you have clients that are counting on you to make their poster-sized prints look as natural and vibrant as possible? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, you need this service.

How does it work?
Profiling is done with a piece of hardware called a spectrometer and specialist software that conforms to strict guidelines.

Our spectrometer will take a reading from your screen/monitor and then correct to an industry standard. Once a monitor is corrected, we will do two test prints from your printer and then read the results with the spectrometer. This will then match the printer to the monitor profile.

Please be aware many things can change the quality of your prints, so for best results we will profile your paper of choice with the ink of your choice (compatible or original).

If you are a heavy ink user please read our CISS section of the website, as we could save you £100s, even £1000s, by replacing your originals to High Quality Continuous System.

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Screen & Printer Profiling

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