Custom PC & Laptop Systems

Bespoke PCs and laptops, tailored to your needs. No excess; no bottlenecks - a computer perfect for YOU

Personal Touch Computers is a supplier of major-brand and custom-built desktop PCs and laptops.

All PCs/laptops come with a complete on-site installation and on-site warranty.

What can a new system from us achieve?
A new system that is designed for you, rather than for the mass market, brings you the performance you need, in the areas you need it.

Whether you're playing the latest games, editing video or running power-hungry business applications such as Adobe Creative Suite, we can build a system that excels at doing what you need it to do. All our systems are well balanced and built to last - depending on your needs it could be many years before you'll be looking to upgrade.

Why buy a system from Personal Touch Computers?
We don't just offer the best computers, but the best service. When you buy a system from us, we will transfer data from your old system to new. We'll give you a complete installation to your needs, including software, printers, scanners, cameras, webcams and any other devices you may use. Most competitors will do the bare minimum to get your system up and running and will not install your software and setup your email. We will.

Can Personal Touch Computers save you money? Yes we can!
We don't believe in waste, so will advise if any of your old equipment is still useable on a new system. We won't convince you to buy things you don't need. If your five-year-old printer is compatible with a newer operating system, then we will say so, and, of course, set it up for you. Windows 7, Microsoft's latest operating system, offers exceptional backwards compatibility and often old devices can still be used.

This is a great way to cut the costs of going to a new system.

Recommended brands:

Acer, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, IBM

Acer, Lenovo, Asus, Shuttle, Dell
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Custom PC & Laptop Systems

Custom-built PCs

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