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Cut the cost of printing by 90%! High-quality CISS (continuous ink systems for Epson, HP, Canon, Brother)

Do you often resist printing things out due to the outrageous cost of original ink? Would you like to be able to print more, without it costing the earth?

We recommend continuous ink supply systems (CISS). Manufacturers don't want you using these types of systems - they'd much prefer to keep charging you high prices for their own ink, while warning you that low-cost alternatives will break your printer. This is not true - not only is CISS safe, but under heavy use will only need refilling once a year. This works out at an equivalent price of around 57 pence per cartridge. Epson's own-brand cartridges, for example, often cost £11 a time.

Can a CISS be installed in my printer?
If you have an Epson, HP, Brother or Canon printer then there is more than likely a CISS system available.

Please call or email, telling us what model of printer you own, and we will be able to advise.

How does a CISS work?
CISS works by feeding ink into your printer from external 100ML tanks (common photo printers will hold six cartridges, so a CISS would hold a massive 600ML of ink). This is often the equivalent to more than 60 original cartridges.

What type of ink?
Depending on your needs, we recommend Lyson or FotoRite ink (Lyson is more expensive, but it boasts 25 years with no fade on DYE ink).

FotoRite Pigment and DYE ink are also very high quality and reliable and are recommended for most users.

Why use CISS as opposed to other compatible ink cartridges?
With compatible ink cartridges, you cannot be sure of the quality of the ink supplied. with CISS you know what you are putting in is high quality. The other benefit is not having the hassle of constantly changing cartridges.
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CISS Printer Supply & Install

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